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The agricultural machines and equipment in this game may be different from the actual machines in shapes, colours and performance.

Farming Simulator 19 – How To Remove Tree And Bushes?

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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Farming Simulator 19 Store Page. Global Achievements. I bought the mower to take care of the ugly weeds and bushes that litter my farm. Unfortunatly it doesnt seem to be working?

I also cant find a way to make a simple path to some of the placeables ive purchased. I have milliions of dollars in farm equipment but i cant cut weeds or make a simple path? Also i have given up trying to place my chicken coop. Any help is appreciated, thanks ahead of time -Ricky.

Last edited by rarbona ; 23 Nov, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 16 comments. Originally posted by rarbona :. Johnny View Profile View Posts. You use a plow.

Just set it to "allow create fields" to remove bushes and the pesky grass :. Then you buy the roller in misc section and fancy up the plow furos. Little bit of a job, but it can be done. And btw. Terrforming will come, they are still working on that part, the forum said. Last edited by Johnny ; 23 Nov, pm. Warhawk View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Johnny :. Waggy View Profile View Posts.

Turn off autosave and manually save the game before you go playing with plows and especially the roller, in case you mess up. Ruges View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Ruges :.

Originally posted by Mod Sloth :. Originally posted by Silky Rough :.

Farming Simulator 19 Guide App

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 23 Nov, pm.Description: Welcome to Woodshire, a small town in the north of America. On various farms, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens grow up here between mountains and forests. The people living in Woodshire appreciate local produce, so the fields need to be cultivated and the animals fed. In addition to agriculture, forestry is a large part of the economy in Woodshire.

The large spruce- and fir forests offer a lot of work for the woodcutter. If you want to play without them you can remove them, delete the farm and create a new farm. So you have a normal multiplayer start. Here you can control a variety of different vehicles and work with animals, grow your own farm.

Its not only about having fun, but also improving your skills. Grow your farm now with better graphics and more vehicles. FS 17 Cars — Various car mods. Here you will find modern hatchbacks, saloons, sports cars, pickup trucks and spacious vans perfect for those farming jobs.

FS 17 Combines — What do you need in order to succeed in the farming bussiness? Just working hard and having the desire to grow the most crops is not enough, you need to add the right equipment and combine it with the know-how of farming. Not only you need to combine these skills, but you need a true, large harvesting machine — a combine. After choosing the desired combine mod, download and add it to the game with ease.

FS 17 Cutters — In this category you will find the mods for the most effective tools — from a compact lawn mower to large area suited implements and cutters. Powerful, effective and modern farm supplies will help reach more, than you could ever think is within your grasp. By downloading these functional modifications you can sow and harvest, build and manage, do even better in your farm with more efficiency.

Everything from agricultural works to car park and tractors can help you improve Your farm. A lot of different models come extremely handy when performing various tasks. No matter what farming job is in question, you will a mod or a machine that can make the process faster and more effective.

Functional equipment is helpful in both small and large farms. Professional equipment mods are for everyone that wants to become a FS guru. You can very easily apply various efficient modifications to improve your day to day gameplay.

A vast choice of mods will be handy and fun to each and every one who enjoys Farming Simulator Just like the previous games from this series, Farming Simulator 19 also gives you the option to cut down and sell trees. A good way of doing that is to sow them and collect on your fields. You can also cut down trees that grow on your parcel.

A tree that was cut down leaves a tree stumps which still is a hindrance. You can attach this machine to any of your tractors — the machinery cuts tree stumps and removes them.

Bushes are different. They are plentiful and can cause you a lot of problems during the game. A plow has the option to create new fields — this also removes any bushes. Use a plow in the place with bushes and get rid of them. Plowed parts of your field must be driven over with Meadow Roller Vario Miscellaneous category in the shop. Deploy the roller and attach your tractor to its side.

Go over your field to revert it back to a ground with grass. You can also remove bushes with the landscaping tool but slightly raising or lowering ground or painting over the area Grass as well this does not work for trees and you can leave them floating in mid air never to be cut down again so be careful! Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Seasons 19 for Farming Simulator 19 is upon us. Do you want FS19 to be more of a challenge, more realistic?

farming simulator 19 remove bushes

Then you should download and install the mod right now. It was one of the best FS17 mods some of you will remember it winning the Farming Simulator 17 mod contest. The new version is deemed to be one the most popular Farming Simulator 19 mods ever. Seasons 19 is a mod for Farming Simulator These changes affect how and when you can work your fields and how successful your harvests will be.

It alters the in-game weather, crop prices, crop growth, animal behavior, and the vehicle maintenance system. The main goal is to replicate real-world farming as far as possible. But the developers are working together with Giants to make the mod available on consoles. The first version of the mod won the Farming Simulator 17 mod contest. Seasons 19 is created by Realismus Modding. The team won the FS17 mod contest with Seasons Want to try Seasons 19 for yourself?

farming simulator 19 remove bushes

The Seasons mod dives deep into the Farming Simulator game engine. If it encounters mods that do similar things to the game, there might be a conflict.

When such mods are gone from the mods folder, you can start your Seasons game. Alternatively, you could just make a new mods folder:. To get a better grasp on Seasons 19, you should think in transitions. Every season transit three times. Since there are four seasons, there are a total of 12 transitions. There are four seasons. Nothing you can do about it. What you can decide is how long each season should be.

Here you can set one season to last anything from 3 to 24 in-game days. Remember the transitions above? Three in each season? When you tell the game that you want your season to be 3 days, there will be a transition each day. A year with this setting takes 12 days. One season can be 24 days at the most.

Here, each transition will happen every 8 days. One year will be 96 in-game days. Protips: Check the season length immediately when you start a new game.

In our testing, the default season length was set to 6 days.

SETTING UP FELSBRUNN - Let's Play Farming Simulator 19 - Episode 1

Set your preferred length first of all. Seasons 19 forces the game to start in the spring. And it resets all fields.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Farming Simulator 17 Store Page.

Global Achievements.

farming simulator 19 remove bushes

I'm currently playing on Goldcrest Valley and I'm trying to clean up that rectangle of grass and bushes in the center of the parking lot. I tried all I could think of, including using a plow. The plow did remove the grass and the paving, and the tarmac but didn't remove the bushes.

Any help on this? Showing 1 - 15 of 19 comments. This annoys me too. But apparantly that breaks multiplayer compatibility. Maybe if the map could be duplicated, and savegame edited so it loads up modded version? Sarutis View Profile View Posts. Flame thrower.

Jack View Profile View Posts. You can't remove bushes short of using the editor. Have to use the map editor and edit the map. Bushes are non removable in any way in game. Thanks for the replies, I guess I can live with the bushes This is fromis there any new option? Okay : Thanks. Sterben View Profile View Posts. Placing something over the bushes also didn't work Originally posted by Sterben :.

You can use stum remover drived by tractor - it can remove small bushes totally. Stump remover. Knoxx View Profile View Posts. Try using the roller mod in the mod hub.Potatoes and sugar beet are root crops. In Farming Simulator 19 they have a very high yield of nearlyliters per hectare. In addition, they require the use of special machines that are not among the cheapest and capacious trailers, so these are not the plants you should be growing at the beginning of the game.

This chapter describes the cultivation process and the machines available for these plant species. Both plants require a ploughed field before planting.

You don't store potatoes and beets in silos, but on the ground, preferably under the shed. Loading is done by using the belt system. The first model is smaller and does not fertilize the field during planting. These planters are quite slow. You will fill them up traditionally: from the seed pallet purchased in the shop. You fill the next batch by pouring potatoes from the previous harvest into the planter.

Avoid the first mentioned model! It also needs a front cover to work: Grimme KS Because the width of the overlap - which is used to cut the protruding parts of the potato - is wider than the harvester, workers tend to avoid the potato stripes. The ROPA harvester does not need a front cover attachment. Another option to harvest potatoes is to use a self-propelled combine harvester: Grimme Varitron Platinum Terra Trac that can be found in the Vehicles section.

The vehicle does not need to use the tractor to work and has twice the harvesting area and more than twice the speed but the same storage capacity. If you are going to invest in potatoes, this is the best and obligatory item on the shopping list. Sugar beet is easier and cheaper to grow than potatoes, but the profits generated by it are also smaller. To plant beets it is enough to have any planter and a ploughed field. To collect beets from the field, a cheaper option will be to buy the Grimme FTwhich you attach to the front of the tractor, and the Grimme Rootsterwhich is attached to the rear.

Compared to potato harvesters, this one has no disadvantages - it's fast and reliable when it comes to its use by employees.

Farming Simulator 19 – Hire Worker Guide

A self-propelled combine harvester, however, is comparatively more expensive, but also very efficient. They differ in the capacity and width of the headers. The headers can be found in the Beet growing technology in the following shop section: Tools. Each machine has a corresponding beet header. These combine harvesters work perfectly and reliably, and working with them is pure pleasure. Don't get confused - they are not for harvesting beets, but only for lifting them from the ground.

In other words: you can store the beets in the field - instead of driving the tractor behind the combine harvester, pour the crop directly onto the field. Then you can collect the crop in a semi-trailer using this machine in no time at all. However, this is a tool that is only used for a few hectares of fields.

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