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The Korean group BTS has become a huge deal, enough so that as soon as their tickets go on sale, they usually sell out fast! To help you get the tickets you want we are offering a few tips to give you a leg up over competition. See them below.

Tickets will be going on sale on Ticketmaster and here are a few tips to keep in mind on the day of the onsale:. For more in-depth tips check out our post on Tips before tickets go on sale. If you were unable to get tickets on Ticketmaster then getting tickets for a decent price can be difficult. Here, we will share some quick tips to help you find the best prices on secondary marketplaces. We recommend heading to all of the following websites and searching for your event: www.

As you can see from the images, www. Most secondary websites will have additional fees that are added at checkout to help cover administration costs. While it appeared that www. This might not always be the case for every event or every show, so be sure to check for yourself which one is the cheapest. Do you have any questions for us? Send us an email at contact ticketcrusader.

Sell Tickets Buy Tickets. Get one! Make sure you get to the onsale at least 15 minutes early so you can enter the waiting room as soon as it opens. Be careful though, the waiting room has been known to open up to 30 minutes before too, so get there extra early just in case!

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How to get BTS tickets

We provide no tickets through our site, we simply link to these sources for convenience. Ticketmaster is an official source for tickets. SeatGeek and StubHub are reputable reseller marketplaces and tickets may be higher or lower than face value. We have full BTS presale codes and ticket information below! In some cases, resale tickets are less than they are directly from Ticketmaster. BTS Tickets. They made their debut locally in but have rose to international prominence over the last few years.

Their third full album, Love Yourself: Tear, made its debut at 1 on the Billboard charts, making BTS the first ever Asian group to accomplish this feat. To date, they have spent 83 weeks as number one on the Social 50 chart. That same year, they also charted on YouTube's Music Global Top 17th on the video chart, 6th on the artist chart and 14th on the tracks chart. On November 20, Guinness World Records revealed that BTS had earned a spot in their edition for "having the world's most Twitter engagements for a music group".

That December, they were revealed to be the most tweeted about celebrity inbeing "liked or retweeted over half a billion times million " worldwide, more than U.

President Donald Trump and Justin Bieber combined. BTS' achievements led the group to be ranked number one on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list fora list ranking South Korea's most powerful and influential celebrities. Inthe group went on a short hiatus following a busy tour and promo schedule. In the fall, they only made a few select appearances including becoming the first solo act to perform in Saudi Arabia.

Ina new BTS tour and album is coming. BTS Map of the Soul tour dates and locations are listed below! Click here to book a hotel for your concert. Get in touch with us on social media or comment below if you have more information.

If you want to learn more information about how to buy VIP packages on Ticketmaster, check out our video guide below:. Check out the onsale date and time for each presale so that you know when tickets go on sale. As soon as the first presale begins, StubHub and SeatGeek will have resale tickets available.

You must be a member of the BTS Army in order to get access to these early tickets. Members will be emailed presale code information to their email address on file.

Usually, fan club presale codes are unique and are not available to be shared. Follow the instructions in your email for more information. Onsale times are generally 10am EST but may vary depending on your show. Click on the tickets link for your show above for the exact date and time information. You can learn more about standard Live Nation presale codes in our guide. Save money by buying your t-shirts and artist merchandise before you go to the show!

Check out the most popular BTS merch on Amazon below. Did we miss anything in our BTS tour guide? If you know of any other BTS presale codes or ticket details, comment below and let us know. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook today!

Can you tell me if all this including the army global fan club with its presale codes only applies to the USA. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of new posts by email.Updated: Feb 7. Buying a concert ticket in Korea is a fierce competition where only the most determined and dedicated fans have a chance at success.

Most of these shows sell out easily under 5 minutes. Know all the places where tickets are sold. Some concerts will section out seats and sell on more than one website so you should always check multiple sites to see if they will be selling them.

You may want to bookmark these to make it easier to find later. Have multiple computers and screens. If you fail in one place, you may succeed in another.


Have good internet connection. These places are rigged for gamers so the fastest connections can be found here. Use Navyism or Timeanddate to sync your clock. This website shows the time according to the individual ticket seller website servers. You can keep track of the time difference and refresh the accordingly.

Create accounts in advance. Practice buying tickets. Try buying other concert tickets without the time pressure and keep doing it until you are comfortable with the process. Know how each websites works. Each one is different and while some automatically activate when the sale starts, there are others that need refreshing to begin. Have your finger ready to click. Make sure your mouse is hovering over the button you need to click to get started. Every mouse movement wastes time and seconds are important.

Choose your preferred concert date in advance. Some concerts have multiple shows on different dates. You may be able to go on more than one day, but you have to start with one so make a plan to go after your preferred date first.

The prime seats will sell the fastest and you could miss your chance at getting a ticket all together. So unless you are really confident in your skills and a pro at buying tickets, try to go for tickets that are a little further back or off to the side.

Choose wire payment method. But only do this if you have a local Korean bank account.

how to get bts tickets in korea

Choosing this payment method is helpful if you are still trying on other websites for better seats or are hoping to buy more tickets. Check back later. If you were unsuccessful at getting any tickets, you may have a second chance later. Tickets that are unpaid will automatically get cancelled after a certain amount of time and will be available for sale again.

This usually happens during the middle of the night so set your alarm clock! Try 3rd party reseller websites. You can always find something on reseller websites like Ticketbis and Ticketbay. Check this post out to learn more about resellers. Pick tickets that were recently uploaded for sale. Sometimes resellers will have already sold their tickets elsewhere and have just not updated it on the site.Updated: Dec 27, While some popular ticketing websites such as InterparkYes24 and Melon have Global English versions of their websites, some concerts are available only to holders of Korean website accounts.

If you are lucky enough, you may be able to create an account on the global page, or if you're living in Korea you might be able to make a Korean account. Even then, the biggest challenge remains, concert sales are practically war zones and you will be competing with seasoned Korean fans who already know how the system works and don't have to deal with a language barrier.

Concerts in Korea are notorious for selling out within minutes. We have purchased hundreds of tickets for our clients and can assist with buying tickets, saving you time trying to navigate through ticketing websites, setting up accounts and dealing with complicated payment systems.

Wonderful can even assist with getting tickets to concerts that are sold out. To make a request, you may contact us on Kakao talkFacebook Messenger or Emailand provide us the following information:.

Number of tickets to be purchased. Seating section preferences. Preferred budget. For most concerts we can secure tickets directly using our own accounts. However, there are times when the concert rules require us to purchase tickets using our client's personal accounts. During those times, we can help make a global account for you and use it to book tickets.

Most Kpop concerts have 2 ticket sales, a fan club presale and a general sale for non-fan club members. If you have a fan club account, we can help secure tickets during the presale. Even if tickets sell out, we can still assist with purchasing available third party ticket options based on your budget and seating preferences. For the payment, you may choose to pay using 2 payment options.

Regarding pricing, there are NO processing fees when you pay us via bank wire transfer. In other words, you will pay the cost of the ticket, shipping and handling. When we charge your bank card, there is an 8. We do NOT benefit from this fee. We do charge a 5, KRW fee for shipping and handling within the country, and we can either hold the tickets for you to pick them up, or we can arrange to have them delivered to your preferred address. We can also arrange to have tickets sent abroad for an additional fee.

Wonderful acts as your personal assistant so we'll keep you updated throughout the process. In addition to concerts and musicals, we can also assist with signing up for fan meetings and Korean TV shows, ticket raffles, K-pop competitions, purchasing K-Pop merchandise even from third party sites like Bunjang and Jungonara and more.Can't find the event you're looking for?

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Log In or. Prices are set by sellers and may be below or above face value. Browse Events. Choose Your Tickets. Confirm Details. BTS Tickets. The next event is starting in. Week after next. Saturday, 25 April Venue capacity: Sunday, 26 April Cheapest event in Santa Clara. Last Date! In 21 Days. Saturday, 02 May In 22 Days. Sunday, 03 May Cheapest event in Pasadena.

In 24 Days. Tuesday, 05 May This is the last date for BTS in Pasadena on our site. In 28 Days. Saturday, 09 May In 29 Days. Sunday, 10 May Cheapest event in Dallas.

how to get bts tickets in korea

This is the last date for BTS in Dallas on our site. Thursday, 14 May Now, the time has finally come. The South Korean band announced a show world tour. On Jan. The tour covers 39 shows across the globe, starting in Seoul and ending in Tokyo. There are also two mysterious TBD locations on Jun.

Buying Concert Tickets in Korea! My experience and a small guide :cry: :two_hearts:

And according to Ticketmasterthe North American shows each start at p. Once submitted, you should receive a confirmation email from Ticketmaster.

how to get bts tickets in korea

Then if you are verified and selected to participate in the ARMY Membership presale, you will receive another confirmation email from on Tuesday, Feb. You will also get a text with a personal access code for the presale. The membership presale begins on Wednesday, Feb. You will be limited to 2 tickets per show. You will then get another email on Wednesday, Feb. You will also be texted a personal access code for the presale. Everyone will be limited to 4 tickets per code. You can buy tickets on LiveNation.

The website also has a countdown associated with each stop to determine what time each show goes on sale.

As of this write-up, prices for the BTS tour in have yet to be announced. So fans will have to wait and see what is decided for the tour at a later date. A post shared by BTS official bts. Meanwhile, other fans posted some tips on how to buy BTS tickets, such as having a good internet connection. However, one fan on Twitter gave out an extraordinary piece of advice that every member of ARMY should hear.

Just FYI. View this post on Instagram.Hey guys!! I thought I would make this post to help out those who want to go see BTS in concert some time! I'm sure a lot of us share this dream, and I do not mean to brag in any way, but yesterday me and my two best friends bought tickets to go see BTS in March!!! You don't want a miss out on a concert completely because you hear about it too late. It's best to stay up-to-date so if you hear they'll be in your area you can:.

Have enough time to save up a decent amount of money, especially if you don't work or are a child. Staying on top of the game is critical so that when the tickets finally go on sale, you'll be prepared!! Actually, this Amino is where I first heard BTS would be coming to my city so this is a good place to check for information!! Luckily, I started saving up over a year ago for my concert fund, so I had enough I don't have a job so coming across money was a challenge.

BTS tickets are not something you can forget about the day of or get the wrong time, because if you go on even a few minutes late all the tickets could be gone! ARMYs are very dedicated, so if you don't get on a computer or something else right when the tickets go on sale, you'll have to pay a lot more money for resold tickets or get worse seats.

In order to make sure we got tickets, we set up three computers and all went on to TicketMaster. If you're going to buy tickets, make sure to get them from a reputable site!! Especially if you're buying resold tickets.

We made sure to get on twenty minutes early at least and we just waited around until the timer counted down to the moment they went on sale! We all tried to buy tickets at the same time to make sure that at least one of us got some, and luckily, I was the one that did!! However, the second that my other two friends refreshed the page to search for even better tickets. It's insane how fast these tickets sell out! If you search hard enough, you can still find some though, and some people will resell them but often for a profit!

I'll explain what to do in case you missed out on getting tickets below. Make sure to keep checking the site you wanted to buy your tickets off of to see if they get any more.

Sometimes people back out of their purchase and seats become available! Check for resold tickets. However, be sure to place limits on how much you are willing to pay. Often times, tickets that are being resold right away go for ridiculously high prices, but lower as the concert comes closer. That's a gamble though, as if you wait too long, all the tickets might be gone! Make sure to get your resold tickets from a reputable site or honest person.