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The most recent Season 7: Episode 7 aired on December 17 and fans must now wait for Episode 8, Triptych, to air on January 7, History Channel has yet to announce that the show has been renewed. True fans of the show are feeling anxious about it.

Casual viewers of the show are just hanging out to see what happens next and gossip online about the things that irk them. Ever since the show first aired inviewers have been rocked one way or another. There have been great little finds competing with tons of comprehensive, historic theories about Oak Island and its secrets.

There have been suspenseful moments of digging and scavenging competing with substantial amounts of simply boring recaps. But through it all, a core of fans continues to carry the same torch the Lagina brothers have carried… the elusive treasure- and the accompanying possibility that they may very well be the ones who will find it. They also got a new lead to the foot stone. These tidbits of news follow the discovery of a mysterious artifact, the belief that the team may have finally found the flood tunnel leading to the Money Pit, excavating a stone structure in the swamp with scientific proof that the swamp itself is probably man-made; and most likely young.

The entirety of Season 7 has followed the theme of honoring the legacy of the treasure hunters who searched there before the Lagina brothers arrived.

Michigan man Finds 220 Year Old Hidden Treasure On Oak Island

It has been a season of connecting earlier generations with current and future seekers and the growing museum collection on the island demonstrates the care that the Lagina brothers have shown in displaying and caring for the artifacts.

They are focused on the past and the future just as readily as they are focused on the current treasure hunt. The undeniable fascination with the intertwining of historical theories and possible treasure is what drives each season of The Curse of Oak Island.

This would support six colonists and grant 16, acres of Nova Scotian land to the baronet; along with their title. When England and Scotland united intheir creation of baronets ceased. His theory infuses Season 7, ties to previous seasons, and connects many dots. Then, he went on to publish three books about the island and his own theory about its history. To get an idea of what McQuiston has uncovered about Oak Island, a visit to his website reveals plenty.

The name was first recorded in the Baronet of Nova Scotia charter. McQuiston provided the Oak Island team with proof about their long-standing belief about the Knights Templar involvement there. He views the unearthing of family history as an integral part of the search for Oak Island treasure. Ultimately, whether Oak Island lives to see another season is up to the History Channel. It will come down to a combination of money and fan interest.

According to Cheat Sheetthe show is most likely funded from several sources. Marty Lagina and Craig Tester fund the expensive excavations and specialty testing using their business wealth. The History Channel probably pays per episode, for cast members, equipment and negotiates product placement deals. There is probably financial backing from key investors who are also treasure hunters. Because the Canadian government has become involved in the historic site, grants are a given.

For now, Oak Island has become a big deal… a huge, fascinating, intriguing, mind-capturing, controversial, world class treasure hunt. Aiden's been an entertainment freelancer for over 10 years covering movies, television and the occasional comic or video game beat.

If it's anything Shawshank Redemption, Seinfeld, or Kevin Bacon game related he's way more interested. You must be logged in to post a comment.But, the cost to dig on the mysterious home of the Money Pit is in the millions. Which begs the question: Who is paying for the Oak Island treasure hunt?

Digging on Oak Island costs millions of dollars. History Channel. So, who is paying for the Oak Island treasure hunt? And, as it turns out, they also fund a lot of the excavation — including some of the more expensive digs and specialty testing. That said, there is a possibility that the two also have some help from multiple sources outside their business. It has yet to be confirmed, but the Oak Island team owns a special Oak Island tours company that allows fans and history buffs alike to visit the mysterious island, learn about the findings, and even dig for treasure.

Through this small business, the treasure hunters likely make some income that can go towards the hunt or, at the very least, some of its smaller operations. Doing so could shave down some of the cost in exchange for product placement aka, the narrator repeatedly stating the names of the companies team Oak Island works with. Those interested in Oak Island and its potential treasure could see the value in funding some of the excavation and, therefore, cut the team a check to push their efforts along.

The Nova Scotia Business Inc exists to help businesses in Nova Scotia like the Oak Island operation grow and has a fund specifically for film and television production in the Canadian province. Since Oak Island is historic, the Lagina brothers and their team might also earn money through government grants in Canada.

Check out The Cheat Sheet on Facebook! Jessie Quinn More Articles December 11, For over two centuries, historians and researchers have spent their entire lives trying to discover the supposed treasure that is buried in the depths of Oak Island. After years of hard work and persistence, brothers Rick and Marty recently made a number of huge discoveries that might just hold the key to this age-long mystery….

After their huge investments in Oak Island, the Laginas also received a considerable amount of funding upon getting their own TV show.

It was a Spanish copper coin that was believed to have been made in the 17th century. However, Marty and Rick would have to endure two whole seasons without any other substantial findings. However, it was certainly worth the wait…. In Season Three, the duo and their crew were draining a large whole when they stumble across numerous ancient artifacts. They also found a series of Portuguese carvings, as well as artifacts that may have been linked to the Aztecs.

Oak Island Treasure Found 2020 Spoilers

Things started to get really interesting when Season Four came around. One item was identified by Researcher Zena Halpern as a handmade copy of a French map, dating back to It also suggested that the proposed treasure could have been traced back to Africa. As a result, Rick Lagina believes that it looks more likely than ever that they could find some important manuscripts.

Another item that the team found along with the potential bookbinding was a piece of parchment made out of animal skin. There is even a chance that the parchment could be connected to a text exchanged between Frederick Blair and William Chappell, which was originally found in It is believed that what was written may have been traced back to the 15th century.

Only the most important messages were written at the time, mainly between kings and important people. Despite drilling into a collection of treasure chests full of gold coins during the early 21st century, the Truro company were unable to retrieve it. As a result, the hole where the gold was found would be known as The Money Pit.

The pit had built up a pool of water over time. The Oak Island Association tried to drain the water a few years later. During these futile attempts, the first ever recorded death associated with Oak Island happened….The guys started the show with their usual enthusiasm. Marty Lagina, Alex Lagina, and Gary headed up to New Ross, Nova Scotia, to consult with blacksmith expert, Carmen Legge, on the two possible digging tools found two weeks ago, and the iron strap found this week in the swamp.

However, the second item was clearly a digging or mining tool; he said it was a pickaxe that dated from the s and was common in lots of European countries. Could this mean the ship-shaped anomaly in the swamp is what it appears to be?

An ancient treasure ship? That was 85 years before the discovery of the Money Pitt, and as Gary pointed out, a time when pirates roamed the high seas.

Carmen had a further revelation; he said the bracket had been in a fierce fire. Marty, Alex, and Gary rushed off to tell the other guys the news; they found them drinking in The Mug and Anchor Pub — the perfect setting for a discussion on piracy and buried treasure.

Alex theorizes that the ship ran aground while full of treasure; he suggests that perhaps the crew were unable to unload the cargo, so they decided to hide the whole ship. Historian Charles Barkhouse then tells the group of the theory that a vessel entered the swamp, was unloaded of treasure and then burnt.

Rick Lagina then theorizes that the paved platform from the swamp might have been a roughshod attempt to get the ship unloaded.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.This year, much of the Curse of Oak Island focus has been on an apparently paved area in the swamp area. Ian Spooneran environmental scientist from Acadia University, who has worked with archaeologists in the past, was brought in to evaluate the paved area, and the formation of the swamp in general. His statements so far make it clear that there is indeed an area of the swamp which has a high concentration of rocks that is not the result of natural processes.

Humans put them there. Archaeologically, the next questions are obvious. In order of likelihood that we will find answers to them: When were they put there, how, why, and by whom. The why and the whom are always elusive in archaeology. As always with Oak Island, or with any other pseudo-archaeology claims, it is certainly possible that a platform was built in the swamp in a remote past for the purpose of bringing a treasure to the Money Pit.

However, there are simpler, more likely explanations to rule out before we get to that one. A few possibilities come to mind in that kind of archaeological context, but before I get to them, there is on obvious possibility that needs to be ruled out. According to Robert John on the Oak Island Treasure Facebook groupFred Nolan, one of the previous treasure seekers on Oak Island, created a stone platform Figure 1 in the swamp so that he could bring in a coring rig.

The platform is clearly visible in the upper left corner of the accompanying unattributed photo. The rest of it may have been scattered by erosion, and may be showing up as a heavy concentration of rocks of various sizes. Part of it may still be submerged and recognizable as a platform when uncovered. He even said that his father did not have the means to create something on this scale.

As the photo from the Facebook group shows, someone certainly did have the means to create something on that scale in the swamp, and quite recently.

oak island treasure found in swamp

The other two obvious possibilities from an archaeological perspective are field-clearing and fill. Despite what is often claimed on the show, we know that the island was farmed and used for light industry starting in the 18 th century. We know that the island, like much of that region, is rocky and covered in boulders of various sizes.

The first order of business for farmer settlers in those kinds of environments is to clear the fields of rocks as much as possible.

They often put the rocks to various uses, including building chimneys, field separation walls, root cellars, etc. But there are so many rocks that they often just find handy places to pile them up or simply dump them. The swamp would have been a good location for that.

Sometimes, they intentionally fill areas to dry them, to build stuff on them, or to facilitate travel and transport.

oak island treasure found in swamp

Archaeologically, there are a number of potential explanations that are simpler, and at the moment more likely, than the burying of a major treasure on Oak Island. This can be done mostly with historical and eye-witness data. Where did Nolan get his material for the platform? Are the remains geologically consistent with the source? The second, for me, would be field clearing. That, of course, would require some level of intentional deception. Great content, as always! Couple of comments. First, when I worked as a tour guide in Nova Scotia long time ago!

Any chance this was the use of the stone platform? Like Like. I will look at the literature for fish drying platforms in the region. That would definitely be another possibility, and might even be testable.

The strange rock structure is further inland than the pad that Nolan put up.A lust for lost treasure drove two Michigan brothers to the island, and there, they, like so many before them, unearthed some unimaginable discoveries. However, most of their jaw-dropping finds only created more questions than answers….

oak island treasure found in swamp

Meet Rick and Marty Lagina. These successful businessmen founded Terra Energy and also started a vineyard in their home state of Michigan. Instantly, they were hooked by its dark past and rumors of untold riches. This obsession went on to define their entire lives. Quite a few people thought the materials were part of a hidden vault, leading Oak Island to be bought and sold numerous times over the years.

Even future president Franklin Delano Roosevelt took a crack at treasure hunting there in his younger days. His efforts ultimately proved unsuccessful, but he followed subsequent expeditions for the rest of his life. Wikimedia Commons. Decades later, Rick and Marty own most of the island — located right off the coast of Nova Scotia — and they work relentlessly to uncover the mysteries of the island. But was there even any treasure to find?

Past adventurers uncovered intriguing artifacts including an anchor and digging tools — many of which pre-dated the settling of the island. Many of these curious objects were discovered in the deep waters of the so-called Money Pit. Canadian settlers found it hundreds of years ago, though nobody can say if this deep well is natural or man-made. Other rumors suggest a number of pirates stashed their loot there. Oak Island is as filled with danger as it is with treasure. Over its troubled history, six people have died while excavating the island.

Regardless of whether these were due to natural accidents or booby traps, the Laginas knew they had to be on their guards. Their first monumental find came during a routine dive in The Lagina brothers sent some divers into the water with metal detectors.

It was a copper coin, dating back to 17th century Spain! Was there some cache they were missing or was this just one coin dropped centuries ago? Rick and Marty were used to roadblocks, however.

They once found a ceremonial Roman sword on the island, which blew them all away. Unfortunately, they soon figured out it was actually a fairly modern reproduction. But the determined brothers kept digging — and it paid off. Monsters and Critics. It bears an eerie resemblance to the cross of the Knights Templar. This order financed and controlled much of the medieval world, and some say they secretly live on today.

Could Oak Island have been a secret base for the Templars? Den of Geek. For Rick and Marty, the Templar theory is a possibility, though another discovery suggests that more than one group hid their valuables on Oak Island. Their biggest find ever might just confirm one of the most outrageous rumors about the isle. The Lagina brothers had the good fortune to dig up a garnet, which was hundreds of years old!

Two Row Times. All in all, Marty and Rick Lagina have a veritable treasure trove on their hands. Based on their existing finds and constantly expanding database, they feel confident that their big discovery is right around the corner.

Whether or not they make a fortune out of it is secondary for the Lagina brothers. What they really want is to find enough history so that they can make it into the history books themselves.Honestly, I am not convinced of any of the stories about what happened on the island. The only I know that has been verified is the former black slave who lived and farmed there.

After 4 years of this show, who knows what the real truth is. Joy's story makes as much sense as anything else at this point. Craig, Add to that an island inhabited, with a high water table, seems like a lousy place to bury treasure. There were probably dozens of sites in that area better suited for hiding things. The coconut fiber though was dated to between 12th to the 14th century, which contradicts that thesis.

It is quite possible someone from the late 18th Century used the old coconut fibers for a new use. They reused most everything they could get their hands on as resources were at times limited. That can explain the rather old dates for the coconut fibers. All - If you look at the current data for carbon dating, you'll learn that it is unreliable for anything under years old. The Carbon dating on the coconut fibers is not correct. There are other questions about what was found on the island that I have possible doubts about.

One was the Spanish coin found in the pond. In my mind, finding one doesn't prove much. It could have thrown in for good luck for example. If there were a chest full or even 10 coins then I would view the pond seriously.

There are many questions about what was found on the island that could be question. Mainly because nothing has been verified to be in the actual hands or named group hundreds of years ago.

The Curse of Oak Island: Rick Finds Evidence The Swamp Was Man-Made (Season 5) - History

What I don't get is, why bury a treasure that deep? A treasure of some kind is there! The stone cross is the key to the treasure! The rocks tell the history! Everyone is trying to make it too complicated. If treasure is there it has to be accessible period! I believe there is something there The Laguna's have found enough to prove there was or is something valuable on the island.

The whole "make an inducement to sell stock" is ridiculous. I really don't know why I watch this show Every little item In my humble opinion, sadly it's much ado about nothing