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Contact time Mon-Sat: 9. Australia state nominated visa is taken by thousands of potential applicants who have applied under different state nomination programs. Every state under visa keeps on updating their immigration policies and thus, it is important to be well acquainted with the latest immigration happenings under Australia state nominated visa subclass. With this page, we are trying to focus primarily on all the latest information, news, policies changes, new rules, etc.

Every state has different round of invitation results, some may invite the applicant with 65 points whereas some states may invite with 75 points. It totally depends upon the labor requirements and the occupational demand. The updates related to new invitation round results, changes in the state visa rules, processing time, occupational list changes and many more important information will be updated on a regular basis. You can also visit the Aptech Global news section to know more about the changes implemented under Australia state nominated visa.

The Western Australia round of invitation conducted on 25th March wherein skilled applicants are invited to apply with satisfying minimum points score. The lowest ranked invite for University graduates is like Bachelor Degree candidates are invited with at least 80 immigration points Read more The ACT of Canberra Matrix on 25th March has come up with its invitation round results for and visa nominations.

In this Invitation, a total number of invitations were issued under which 62 invitations are for visa and rest of invitations for visa category.

Read more Australia Canberra Matrix has invited skilled and competent applicants under the Skilled nominated Subclass visa and Skilled work Regional Subclass visa. An overall of invitations have been issued on January 23rd Australia Canberra Matrix invited skilled applicants under the Subclass and Subclass in the updated invitation round held on 9th Jan A total of invitations were out for the Canberra nomination.

The Government of Canberra has conducted its latest round of Invitations on 19th December under which a total of 54 skilled migrants are invited to apply for Australia permanent Residency. Candidates can apply for this Australian territory through Subclass and Subclass visa.

victoria 190 eoi expat forum

This is in regard to my journey with Aptechvisa Services. I have experienced here were so far better and I already recommended my multiple friends to them because I can trust their words. I got Aptech visa reference through one of my best friend and today I am in Canada and this all happened just because of Aptech visa.Let's say it will take about 6 to 8 months for the process to give a final result.

In the mean while if I get a university conformation for my MBA and I go to Australia on a student visa Note: if I go to the university which is located in the same state where I get either a state nomination or relative sponsorship. When travelling to Australia, it is necessary to get a visa from the There are a few different visas that will allow employees to sponsor skilled If you wish to make your move to Australia permanent, there are several ways Australia is a fantastic place to visit for a short term stay.

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Dhruva reddy. Member since 15 July New topic. Find more topics on the Australia forum. Visiting visa to Australia. By Abhilash? Student Visa Change of Institution. By dreamsreality.

Regarding student visa. By Apoorva Student Visa : Police Character Certificate. By engadnan By rainestar.I am entering week 12 and not heard anything yet, no invitation as yet. I have googled loads and cannot find much information about Victoria invitations recently for my occupation So still hopeful.

We feel like we have put our life on hold. But lots of people - hundreds and thousands over the years have been through the process and it teaches you patience, in so many ways. So I received my invitation to apply today, so pleased, just on 12 weeks. This forum is so useful in understanding the process and seeing others in similar situations.

Thank you. After recent issue of banning immigrants in cities like sydney and melbourne and bribane What on earth do you mean? No one has banned immigrants from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, or anywhere else for that matter! When you submitted an EOI did you also lodge an application to liveinmelbourne.

Or you waited for an invitation first? Any luck? We received an invitation by Vic State in Oct - we did the police report request, form 80 and relevant skills assessment Physiotherapist prior to submitting the visa.

Our visa application was submitted in Nov 8 I also check to see if all my police reports were received by Aus Immigration - which they were. I applied on the day applications for nomination re-opened 2nd July I received my nomination from the Vic government on 29th August and was invited to apply through skill select on 30th August Firstly selecting "any" is not recommended.

Victoria in particular dislike anyone who has applied to multiple states s it shows no commitment. NT rarely grant for the same reason. And finally please don't multi-post,it confuses and annoys people as we do not want to post the same reply in several threads.Read More April 12th, When will you get your invite — April predictions Read More April 11th, Unofficial April 11th Skill select result for and family sponsored Read More March 24th, Corona virus update on visa holders Read More March 23rd, Newsletter March Read More March 16th, Family sponsored Conundrum Read More March 16th, When will you get your invites — March estimates Read More February 17th, Newsletter Feb Read More January 24th, Newsletter Jan Read More December 17th, Newsletter Dec Read More November 25th, Newsletter Nov Read More November 24th, What points total may be needed for the new Family sponsored invite??

November 20th, When will you get your invite — Updated predictions Read More November 18th, Second visa for Regional graduates Read More November 1st, Updated possible 11th December invite results — New points system Read More October 26th, Perth and Gold Coast!!

October 22nd, Newsletter Oct Read More October 21st, WA newspaper article about Perth seeking to become a regional area again Read More October 4th, Salary Survey Read MoreWere you asked to submit an Expression of Interest EOI through SkillSelect and get invitation from immigration authority to apply for the visa? More often, when it comes to submitting EOI, applicants get bombarded with lots of questions that only add up to stress and mistakes, which consequently result into rejection.

This is why, we have narrowed down a few of the common ones to help you proceed with ease and in a right manner.

Take a look! Expression of Interest is basically a point-test where you need to demonstrate your interest of migrating to Australia if you are applying for any of the following visas:.

victoria 190 eoi expat forum

Yes, the validity period of invitation is 60 days. If you fail to submit petition within this duration, your EOI will be removed from the data bank. The point test is designed to help Australia choose people who have the required skills and attributes to contribute in its economy. The number of points required depend on the visa you are applying for. Applicant is given points on number of things including:.

SkillSelect is an online system introduced by the Australian government for skilled workers to be considered for a skilled migration visa. Applicants submitting information in SkillSelect are either nominated or invited by Australian employers or state and territory government to apply for the visa. No, you need to have evidence of your language proficiency and skill assessment before you submit your EOI.

You will be given with an updated estimate of your point score once you make all the changes in the SkillSelect. Please noteyou cannot make changes to your EOI after you have received invitation to apply for the visa. It is extremely crucial to provide accurate information in EOI by the time you are issued with an invitation.

If the Department of immigration finds the information unreliable or inappropriate, your application will get rejected even if you have scored sufficient points. Some of the major factors responsible behind this are the occupation ceilings, number of applicants and the point score.

Any prospective applicant can submit one EOI to the program. A new EOI can be submitted if the old one is expired or the applicant has received a Letter of Advice of Apply and decided to dismiss the invitation. Submitting an EOI does not guarantee an invitation to apply for the visa. Hence, one cannot expect reimbursement for any kind of costs arise in preparing an EOI. We don't just brag that we "Deliver Excellence", but we really mean it!

Our clients' testimonials are a perfect testament to this fact. The number has now exceeded to 99 Check out few of them here! Posted by Aussizz Group on January 27, Why not post your query on Aussizz Group Forum and get solutions right away! Previous Post Next Post.

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Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions for Expression of Interest (EOI) – Answered!

Select Services.Hi all, I'd like to know which option to choose between the state nominated or employer nominated? Which one will give a higher chance to get nominated?

My husband's job is listed as high availability on the South Australia government website. Thnaks in advance! You will need a job offered to apply for VisaIf he is likely to get the state to sponsor, i would say go for which is state nomination.

If he has enough points, 60, it is even better for him to apply forskilled independent, so you can live in any part of Australia you desire. He has enough points but the last job he has since the past 2 years ICT project manager is not listed in the list for the visa.

190/489 subclass and student visa

I understand that only job experience for the past 2 years is relevant. Am I correct? Although he was software programmer or ICT business analyst a few year ago and these are listed for the skilled independent.


So I'm a bit confused whether he can apply for the skilled independent visa Otherwise, I was thinking about state nominated, for which his job is listed as high availability in some states and employer nominated, direct entry stream.

Which one do you think he has more chance to get a nomination? I just got my approved and i stopped working after i become a mom in He can go for an occupation that he has spent longest time in. You will need certain documents to prove what you claim, eg, job offer letters, reference letters from the companies you previously worked with, etc.

Good luck! Marriage in Australia is a legally recognised contract, and after the Marriage If you are looking to move to Australia and would like to get set up The labour market in Australia is huge and has continued to grow over the lastApplications for Victorian nomination under the Skilled Work Regional Provisional subclass visa program are now open. It is free to lodge a Victorian nomination application.

The Skilled Nominated visa subclass allows points-tested skilled workers to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. The Skilled Nominated visa subclass is a permanent residency skilled migration visa for people with an occupation in high demand in Australia's labour market. The visa is administered by the Department of Home Affairs. If you have qualifications, skills and experience in an occupation listed on the Visa Nomination Occupations Listsyou may be eligible for Victorian visa nomination for the Skilled Nominated visa subclass In order to receive a Skilled Nominated visa subclassyou will need to meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:.

Certain occupations require a higher standard of English for the purpose of state nomination - these occupations are specified on the Visa Nomination Occupation Lists. Applicants who are currently working in their nominated occupation in Victoria and have been for at least six months, may be exempt from meeting higher English language requirements and should apply for nomination.

Alternative English language tests are accepted. You must upload a scanned copy of your English language test result as part of the online nomination application. Please ensure that your English test result is valid for at least 12 weeks at the time of submitting a visa nomination application. Some occupations have additional work experience, English language and specialisation requirements that are noted on the Visa Nomination Occupation Lists.

Important: Not all occupations that appear on this list are eligible for the subclass visa. Occupations that have a "Y" in column 4 are not eligible for the subclass visa. We are unable to provide specific advice around this occupation list.

Please contact the Department of Home Affairs for further information. Learn more about the pathway for international PhD graduates. When you migrate to Melbourne you need to ensure that you have enough financial resources available for you and any family members who are dependent on you.

Financial resource requirements are in place to ensure you can support yourself and your family before you find work. The current employment offer must be in the nominated occupation for permanent not casual work, for at least 20 hours per week, and for at least six continuous months. Should our office not be satisfied with the genuine nature of the job offer, or that the offer of employment was not obtained through a merit-based recruitment process, we may request further documentation to support the application.

This may include discussing the offer of employment with your employer. You must commit to living and working in Victoria for at least two years. If you are currently living in another Australian state, you will need to provide a current Victorian job offer in your nominated occupation to support your visa nomination application. You and your migration agent if applicable must read, understand and sign the Victorian nomination declaration in order to be considered for Victorian visa nomination.

See the Skilled Declaration form for more information. Your resume or curriculum vitae CV is a critical document used to assess your suitability for Victorian visa nomination. It must provide evidence of skills and work experience and a detailed, chronological list of all relevant employment.

You should take the time to ensure your CV is professionally presented, descriptive and provides our assessors and industry advisors with a comprehensive reflection of your skills, work readiness, employment history and work experience. You should explain any gaps in employment.

A relevant job offer from a Victorian employer can provide evidence of your work readiness and employability.

victoria 190 eoi expat forum

See our sample CV for a guide on preparing your CV.